Long-Term Illness including Cancer & Heart

Long-Term Workplace Illness Lawyers Know How Diseases Can Develop Slowly & May Be Deadly

Unlike workplace accidents, in which a worker is maimed or killed in an instant, long-term occupational illnesses develop over time and can become progressively worse, sometimes resulting in death. An occupational disease is defined as any disabling medical condition causally related to exposure to irritants in the workplace, and which arises due to the nature of the employment.

The list of job-related diseases that bring sick California workers to our law firm is virtually endless, and from numerous industries:

  • Construction site plumber with asbestos exposure
  • Utility worker with mesothelioma
  • Corporate executive with stress-related heart attack
  • Office secretary with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Forklift driver with back injury
  • Laborer with cancer
  • Demolition worker with hearing and vision loss
  • Factory worker with sick building illness
  • Delivery truck driver with CRPS after accident
  • Warehouse worker with toxic fumes exposure
  • Cement truck driver with cement burn
  • Assembly line garment worker with repetitive stress injuries

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