Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Former Workers’ Compensation Judge

Imagine talking to a former Worker’s Compensation Judge … now you can! Not only is Lisa Hervatin, Esquire, a former WC judge, she is also a top-notch attorney! With over 30 years of legal Workers’ Compensation experience, rest assured you are in good competent hands.

Safety Members

Our firm aggressively pursues additional remedies for firefighters & officers in the civil litigation arena. We can also provide further personal injury litigation when the firefighter or officer is involved in a traffic collision while on duty.

Long-Term Illness including Cancer & Heart

Unlike workplace accidents, in which a worker is maimed or killed in an instant, long-term occupational illnesses develop over time and can become progressively worse, sometimes resulting in death.

Personal Injury

Insurance companies and other parties involved in the incident don’t always take responsibility for their actions. They’ll never give you the whole truth about the power you have. Don’t let an insurance adjuster take advantage of you. A Personal injury lawyer should put you and your needs first.


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With over 20 years of law experience, we can provide legal guidance and representation in a wide variety of areas.
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